He thought he had become deaf for 5 years: his doctor makes an astonishing discovery in his ear

A strange misadventure happened to a Briton whose unusual story takes root 5 years ago. As Wallace Lee takes the plane to visit his family in Australia, he decides to buy earplugs so as not to be parasitized by the noise during his trip. From that moment, he notices a deterioration of his hearing and fear of becoming deaf.

Crazy discovery

Wallace Lee tries to unclog his ears several times, without success. This Briton then puts this sudden deterioration of his hearing on the account of his career in the aviation industry or old injuries in rugby. Nevertheless, he does not resign himself and decides to bring himself an endoscope kit. By observing the bottom of his ear, he discovers a small white object.

Wallace Lee decides to consult an ENT surgeon who confirms the astonishing discovery. The Brit lived well with an earplug stuck deep in his ear canal for 5 years. “It was just such a relief…it’s like hearing properly for the first time,” he rejoiced with our colleagues from the BBC.

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