He slept with his partner’s girlfriend…

While the Red Devils are shaken by strong tensions, Kevin de Bruyne and Thibaut Courois are one of the symbols of these divisions.

With their backs to the wall before their last match against Croatia, Belgium are not preparing for this crucial shock in the best conditions. Consequence of conflicting relations between several players of the Red Devils. According to the Belgian press, an altercation would have pitted Jan Vertonghen against Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne after the defeat against Morocco.

But other dissensions exist within the Belgian locker room. The two best current players, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin de Bruyne, have not spoken to each other for many years. Blame it on a story of bedtime, the doorman of Real Madrid having indeed cuckolded the midfielder of Manchester City with the ex of the latter, Caroline Lijnen.

“My girlfriend at the time, Caroline, was with friends on a trip to Madrid, had told the playmaker of the Red Devils in his autobiography. Thibaut then had an affair with Caroline. He then told a friend of mine, which wasn’t so smart. But it’s better to have said it. “Things like that don’t happen. I still think so today, he continued. Before, I got along well with Thibaut, without us being best friends. Now the contacts are more professional. » And it’s an understatement to say it, the two teammates devoting a deep indifference to the point of no longer talking to each other.

However, Kevin de Bruyne has never objected to the presence of his compatriot with the Red Devils. “The coach asked me what I wanted to do. Should Courtois leave the squad? That’s the question he asked me, he explained in reference to a discussion with Marc Wilmots. But I don’t think I have the right to have a player expelled from the national team because he has committed a fault. He remains a good goalkeeper. So I said he could stay. »

That night he gave me more than Kevin in 3 years

This story will have damaged the image of the two players. “In the summer of 2012, I learned that Kevin had had an affair with my best friend. I asked her to choose between her and me because I wanted to give her another chance. We continued our relationship but nothing was like before. had indeed told Caroline Lijnen, adding: “Kevin thought this trip was a good idea. I first asked him if he was okay. There, something happened that shouldn’t have happened, I admit. But things weren’t really going well between Kevin and me anymore and I found comfort with Thibaut. »

And the young woman adds: “That night, he gave me more than Kevin in 3 years, she had added. With Thibaut, I could have interesting discussions and he cooked me a delicious meal. Kevin had never done such a thing. And then, what happened happened. At that moment, I remembered that Kevin had cheated on me and I thought to myself: why wouldn’t I do the same?. Afterwards, Thibaut and I never spoke to each other again. »

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