he returns to his controversial gesture

Nolwenn Leroy, hand on her thigh and dress lifted by a comedian: he returns to his controversial gesture

Nolwenn Leroy, hand on her thigh and dress lifted by a humorist: he returns to his controversial gesture – BestImage, Giancarlo Gorassini

Five years ago, Nolwenn Leroy was the guest of Hello earthlings, the C8 program presented by Thierry Ardisson. Came to promote her album Gem, the singer had been the target of a bad joke that caused controversy. Indeed, a comedian had created a stupor by putting his hand on the thigh of the pretty brunette and lifting her dress. A sexist gesture that had caused outrage. The author of this act returned to this case, it is Laurent Baffie.

Laurent Baffie was the guest of The original band on France Inter this November 18, 2022 to talk about the release of his book, simply titled Baffie’s Dictionary – The Complete. In the premises of France Inter, the comedian but also director and director was able to confide in all relaxation alongside the Nagui team. It is in this context that he returned to this “joke” which targeted Nolwenn Leroy.

Water has flowed under the bridge since then. Marin’s mother quickly spoke up, defending her friend Laurent Baffie in The Parisian, explaining that if she had felt attacked, she would have replied. The famous Breton had even found the comedian in the famous show a year later, but dressed in a kilt: “It was Nolwenn who asked me [de venir habillé de la sorte, NDLR]I could not deny him this little pleasure“,…

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