he makes a very generous gift to Buckingham staff

In the midst of inflation, the king decided to be generous.

long before ascend to the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the one who became King Charles III had announced his desire to modernize the image of the royal family, in particular by reducing its number of active members. But not only. The king also wants to prove that he is aware of the problems of the British.

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A generous king

According to The Sun, Charles III would have decided to increase all the staff of Buckingham Palace via an exceptional bonus which could go up to nearly 700 euros. All palace employees are affected by this bonus, which will be calculated according to each person’s needs. Thus, the lowest paid staff members will receive a higher bonus than those who are better paid.

A bonus that will obviously be welcome in this very complicated context of inflation and high energy costs.

A bounty paid by the royal family

Another news that is very important: this bonus should not be financed by taxpayers, but by the royal family itself. The goal is obviously to show that the king is well aware of the problems related to inflation and the reality of his country.

“The King is keenly aware of the soaring energy bills people are facing and is concerned about the economic well-being of loyal staff at the…

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