“He deserved much better than me”: Willy Rovelli and his couple with Olivier Minne, he evokes the rumor

I love him very much and I know it’s mutual

In an interview with the site Gala.fr in June 2021, the comedian had justified himself on his admiration for Olivier Minne: “It’s funny, you put on something and everyone gets excited for not much. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone you love them and I say it loud and clear that I love him very much. He’s an amazing guy, and in the business, not everyone is like him. Olivier is benevolent, professional, gentle… I say it, I love him very much, and I know it’s mutual. However, I felt sorry for him that people would say we were together. I told him he deserved way better than me.”

I want to be left alone

If between Willy Rovelli and Olivier Minne, nothing is serious, at least in love, the first, on the other hand, refuses to pour out more on his private life. “I want to be left alonehe insisted Gala.fr. But afterwards, I think I have a lousy life for curious people. I like my life, but it is simple! I’m content with little, and I don’t think people fantasize. However, on stage, I reveal myself a little more.” The appointment is therefore made on stage!

Find Willy Rovelli in Sketch Story tonight on France 2.

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