Harvey Weinstein: the wife of the governor of California recounts his rape at trial

“I was like a blow up doll to him. He put his fingers inside my cock, I squeezed my legs together but he continued knowing I hadn’t given my consent,” continued Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Facing the prosecutor, she explained that she had faked an orgasm to “shorten” her suffering, before fleeing into the corridors of the hotel.

“He tried to tell me that it worked like that in this profession. In a way, I felt trapped,” said the complainant again. She also returned to the “untouchable” dimension of Harvey Weinstein. So she would not have dared to leave, despite her discomfort, before entering the suite, because “he could make or break your career” so much so “that we don’t say no to him”. She also describes him as a “powerful” man who was “at the top of the industry”. It is for these same reasons that she did not dare to file a complaint.

“He knows it’s not consent!” The complainant told the court about the accused. Jennifer Siebel Newsom considers what she recounted as “very traumatic”.

If convicted, Weinstein faces up to 140 years behind bars.

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