Guillaume Genton reveals the name of the TPMP columnist with whom he is least close and explains why

Every week, Monday to Friday, Cyril Hanouna is at the helm of his show Do not touch My TV on C8. To comment on the news, he is surrounded by his band of columnists made up of Geraldine Maillet, Delphine Wespiser, Valerie Benaim and Gilles Verdez, to recite nobody else but them. In 2017, a brand new columnist took his place around the table. It is Guillaume Gentoncurrently at the helm of Virgin Radio Morning The Morning without filter next to Diane LeyreMiss France 2022and Fabien Delettres. From 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., the whole team wakes up the station’s listeners, between scoops and crisp secrets from personalities. Thus, last September, Nasturtium Anav rocked on the show to have been deceived by Kev Adams during their relationship!

This columnist with whom he gets on really well, to the point of going on vacation with him!

This Tuesday, September 15, in a video interview with PurepeopleGuillaume Genton confided in his comrades from Do not touch My TV. First, he revealed the name of the columnist with whom he gets along the best. “Raymond. He’s really my buddy. In appearance, we are completely different. We’ve already been to a lot of restaurants together, we’ve sometimes gone out, even gone to a club together when I never go to a club. And people are hallucinating to see us together, because we have nothing to see on paper. We love each other crazy, we went on vacation together this summer“, he confided. An evening in a nightclub which took place at the Pacha in Louveciennes.

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We really have nothing to do

In the rest of this interview, Guillaume Genton also gave the name of the columnist with whom he speaks the least. “This is Danielle Moreau. There, for once, we really have nothing to do. She is very nice, but we have fewer affinities, we are not at all the same age. We are very different. But that’s also what makes the strength of TPMP, it’s to have very different people, who find themselves together to talk about current topics. there is no one i hate“, he said. In the past, there have been tensions with Matthew Delormeau. But the situation finally settled between them. “We went to lunch together two years ago, and everything is fine. He’s very cool and I have a lot of respect for him because for me, he’s the best, with Gilles Verdez, so just for that, I respect him“, he clarified.

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