Guendouzi reveals “his greatest pride”!

Undesirable at Arsenal, Mattéo Guendouzi experienced real redemption during his transfer to Marseille. Blossoming in the Marseille city, the midfielder is at the top of his career and was called up by Didier Deschamps to play in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Yet trained at PSG, nothing predestined the player to wear the blue and white tunic in his career. A dispute with Mikel Arteta will put him out of the Gunners squad. He will first be loaned to Hertha Berlin then to OM, where he will prove himself under the orders of Jorge Sampaoli. He was voted best rookie at the end of the Ligue 1 season.

The native of Poissy excels in Marseille and quickly becomes a part of the workforce. Under the orders of Tudor, he is also regularly selected for the French team and he knows a consecration when he is called up to play the 2022 World Cup with the Blues a few days ago.

The Olympian spoke about his selection during an interview for the FFF in Clairefontaine.

“A few years ago it was sure that it was a dream. It still is now, it’s a dream come true, it’s something exceptional, a huge pride in the announcement of the list for the World Cup. There were a lot of emotions that were added at that time, you necessarily think back to all the years of work, you think back to everything you did well, there were difficult times, there had some great times too. Of course, that’s my greatest pride, I’m really looking forward to it and I really hope that we’re really going to do something exceptional there. » Matteo Guendouzi – FFF TV – 16/11/2022

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