Giroud, the new twist

Accustomed to coming out of the shadows when you no longer expect him, Olivier Giroud has snagged a place with the Blues to compete in the 2022 World Cup and should be the big beneficiary of Karim Benzema’s package.

It was surely sadness for his comrade that first had to invade him. But quickly, Olivier Giroud had to realize that the last minute package of a Karim Benzema victim of a tear in the left thigh made him a more than serious holder at the front of the eleven of the France team. A few months ago, the Milanese veteran was no longer in the small papers of Didier Deschamps. As the 2022 World Cup opens, he is about to regain his status.

The misfortune of some often makes the happiness of others, and this is exactly what happens to Olivier Giroud on what seems to be the last stage of his complete rehabilitation with the Blues. Yet intended to be the luxury replacement for the Benzema-Mbappé duo, it is now he who should start the meetings at the forefront of the tricolor formation. Didier Deschamps had also repeated many times that in no case Giroud would start if Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé were suitable. KB(1)9 forced to withdraw, the cards were redistributed. King of drama, the center-forward of AC Milan puts the cover.

Two more goals

This Tuesday against Australia (8 p.m.), Olivier Giroud is therefore expected at kick-off. The second top scorer in history with the France team is offered an incredible opportunity to join – or even overtake – Thierry Henry at the top of the standings. Currently blocked at forty-nine achievements, will Giroud take advantage of his one hundred and fifteenth selection to enter a little more into history? His propensity to never give up and always look ahead should help him.

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