Gilles Verdez: Deceived by his companion with a singing star, the columnist of TPMP swings

By Marie Hervichon

– Published on Nov 26, 2022 at 4:15 p.m.

Gilles Verdez, before falling madly in love with Fatou, experienced a few romantic setbacks including infidelity!

Before finally getting married this summer with his Fatou, Gilles Verdez seems to have suffered some setbacks in love. Indeed, the columnist of TPMP has, like many, experienced infidelity. After revealing a few months ago that he had been a “cuckold” in the 1990s, the journalist was kind enough to pour out this story which would mix his girlfriend at the time with a member of the famous British boy band Worlds apart! Besides, the dad of a baby girl is no stranger to controversial speaking engagements. Recently, for once, he was taken to task by his colleague Mathieu Delormeau following a his statements regarding singer Aya Nakamura. “For me, Aya Nakamura is a star, she can’t queue with people. It’s impossible, even for security, even for the flow of people. Aya Nakamura is like the French football team, they won’t wait 3 hours in front of everyone. It causes a riot”he said.

Gilles Verdez cheated

This Friday, November 25, a Gilles Verdez visibly on edge spoke on TPMP about the upcoming tour of the famous group. “I am in a very bad mood because of them because, I remind you that I was cheated on with my girlfriend at the time by one of them, whom I saw in a photo there. But I can’t reveal who it is.”did he declare.

Around the table, his colleagues wondered. Therefore, Fatou’s husband threw out some surprising anecdotes. He continued: “He was hiding in my car to go to the concert. We brought him in my car, after doing his stuff at my house! I chased him”. In addition, the singer in question would also have been hired on his side! “He wasn’t single at the time. I chased it all the way to England, in 1995 or 1996”admitted Gilles, who, as a reminder, still refuses to name the said member of Worlds apart.

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