Germans hold hands over mouths in protest against ban on inclusive ‘One Love’ armband

Germany is among the nations that have had to give up wearing the inclusive “One Love” armband, and federation leaders regularly target FIFA for threatening them with sanctions. Their renunciation was criticized in the country but they wanted to make a gesture this Wednesday in Doha, where they start their World Cup against Japan.

At the time of the traditional team photo, before kick-off, the players put their hands in front of their mouths. Oliver Bierhoff, director of the German federation, has already spoken about “censorship” to evoke the attitude of FIFA, which banned the wearing of the rainbow armband.

The German Federation justified the gesture in a message on social networks: “ We wanted to use the captain’s armband to take a stand on the values ​​that the German national team stands for: diversity and mutual respect. With other nations, we wanted to make our voices heard. This was not a political statement: human rights are not negotiable. It should be taken for granted but it is not. This is why this message is so important to us. »


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