Fuel prices: The future rebate on the liter of gasoline should concern nearly 12 million French people

The government spokesman, Olivier Véran, spoke this Sunday about the next rebate on the price of fuel which will be in force in 2023.

This Tuesday, November 15, the rebate of 30 centimes per liter of gasoline in France will be over. From November 16 to December 31, this discount will be 10 cents per liter before disappearing in favor of another device.

Asked about the subject, this afternoon on BFM TV, Olivier Véran confirmed that the system in force on January 1, 2023 “should concern between 11 and 12 million people approximately and without forgetting the conditional”.

“After having relieved all French people in the face of rising energy prices, we are going to move towards a system which will concern those who need their vehicle the most to go to work and who are in the most difficulty in their daily lives because they cannot afford fuel which would be too high”. A device deemed “more targeted, fairer” by the government spokesperson who did not specify what the amount of this new rebate would be.

If he lets the minister concerned present the reimbursement mechanism when he is ready, Olivier Véran all the same, this Sunday, mentioned a “simple device”. “We are not going to ask the millions of French people concerned to take too complicated steps”.

While it will come into force on January 1, this new mechanism will be “valid for the time necessary” was content to put forward Olivier Véran who was pleased that the government was able to implement “a very protective device”. He also assured that the money from the State which will no longer be put in the 30 centime rebate “will most certainly be used for other aid in order to cushion the shock of inflation for the French”.

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