Free Mobile updates its official coverage map and gives it a polish

Free Mobile updates its official coverage map and gives it a polish

Is Free Mobile 4G or 5G available near you? The interactive coverage map offered by the operator is now updated.

Are you one of the lucky ones to now be covered by Free Mobile? To answer this question, Free offers an interactive map on its website showing whether its network is active near you, your place of work or other destinations.

It was about time, some may say, since the map yesterday still presented coverage data dating from last August 1, but since today, it is the state of the network as of November 1, 2022 that is presented. According to the ANFR, Free had 23,034 sites active in 4G on that date and 16,152 sites active in 5G.

The card has also seen its interface rejuvenated slightly, adopting the same package as the fiber coverage tool offered by Free on its website with a box and technologies that you can check or uncheck.

This map allows you to know precisely the 3G and 4G coverage of the operator but also the availability of 5G near you. With in particular a distinction made between the two frequencies used for this new generation of mobile telephony: the 3.5 GHz, the “core” band of 5G allowing higher speeds is indicated in blue and the 700 MHz which aims at better coverage and greater wall penetration, in dark green. The map is interactive and allows you to display the technology of your choice. You can also search directly for your address using a bar above the map. Free also recently launched a forecast coverage map allowing to know the sites soon activated by the operator.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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