France team – EdF: Zidane, Platini and Giroud, the real darlings of the French

On Tuesday, Olivier Giroud marked the history of the French team by becoming co-top scorer. However, the attacker does not seem to benefit from the same aura as those he rubs shoulders with at the top of the standings. An impression swept away by the French in a recent poll.

Dogs bark but the caravan moves. Often disputed in the media and among some supporters of theFrench team, Olivier Giroud was able to overcome these obstacles. The AC Milan striker has achieved a double blow: turning public opinion in his favor and maintaining an interesting performance with the Blues. Thus, its presence in Qatar was quickly evident. Behind, he was quick to make an impression with an opening double against Australia. Enough to allow the Blues to win 4-1 and Giroud to settle at the top of the hierarchy of French scorers. With 51 goals, he equaled Thierry Henry as the France team’s top scorer.

Only Zidane and Platini made more of an impression than Giroud

Giroud may even become the only leader after France-Denmark on Saturday. But many observers will still place him below Thierry Henry and many other Blues attackers like Papin or even Benzema. The latter appear more talented than the former Montpellier player in view of their individual club careers. An observation that the French do not share concerning the national selection. This is what emerges from an Odoxa survey for Winamax and RTL.

Indeed, to the question: Which player marked you the most in blue? The French place very high Olivier Giroud. In third place more exactly with 11% of the votes. Only two players are ahead of him and not the least: Zinédine Zidane (33%) and Michel Platini (13%). Giroud precedes Kylian Mbappé (9%) but also Thierry Henry (8%) and Jean-Pierre Papin (7%). Karim Benzema is even further (4%). A confirmation of the popularity of Giroud in France but also of its importance in the team of Didier Deschamps, which did not escape the French. We can’t even imagine the result of this study if the Blues win a new title of world champion with Giroud at the forefront. Opinions would then be unanimously positive about it.

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