four individuals in police custody for the theft of 15,500 euros of fuel

The defendants are suspected of having stolen fuel for an amount of 15,500 euros from a fuel and natural gas distribution company in Thiviers, between October 2021 and February 2022.

The main perpetrator, known to the courts for traffic offences, would have alone stolen the equivalent of 7,500 euros in gasoline.

Same modus operandi

According to the public prosecutor of Périgueux, Solène Belaouar, the suspects, who acted alone or in a meeting, had recourse to the same stratagem to commit their larceny. Each of them collected a badge at the counter of the company store to go and help themselves to natural gas and took advantage of the particular configuration of the station to fill their tanks incognito with unleaded or diesel. They then returned quietly to the shop to hand in their badge and the receipt corresponding to their gas consumption.

By consulting the list of operations, the company’s accountant was surprised to note the absence of 15,500 euros in the revenue column. Alerted, the investigators of the gendarmerie of the company of Nontron worked several months on the receipts of the customers and the tables of consumption of the service station to go back to the authors.

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