for him, she gave everything!

This Saturday, November 12, 2022, Marion Cotillard flew to attend the Marrakech International Film Festival. An event during which the famous actress had the opportunity to present the honorary prize to director James Gray. A filmmaker she knows particularly well since in 2013, she slipped into the skin of Ewa Cybulski in the film “The Immigrant”. During the ceremony, the 47-year-old actress praised the work of her ” valued collaborator. “James puts his whole life into his work. He offers his intimacy, his sensitivity, his vulnerability, his strength and his humor. For this reason, his art will always be vibrant and heartfelt. “, she first launched before adding: “ He is an artist, recalled the actress. You’re sure to find his DNA in every shot, whether he takes you to orbit Neptune or to a lively family dinner. “. Words reported by Vanity Fair.

“She said fantastic things”

His reward in hand, James Gray thanked Marion Cotillard in turn. ” She said fantastic things. I love him more than my life. She’s one of the best artists I’ve worked with “, entrusted the filmmaker to our colleagues. The event ended, the latter then went to the epicenter of Marrakech to attend a screening of his film “Ad Astra” with Brad Pitt. ” I’ve been here four times already and if they invite me again, I’ll be back. There is a real love of cinema, and no cynicism “, also declared the director, referring to his previous visits to the ocher city.

This year, the Marrakech International Film Festival therefore wished to pay tribute to the work of James Gray by allowing the public to rediscover his feature films. A unique moment that Marion Cotillard could not miss.


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