Foot OM – OM: Gerson has returned to Brazil, Marseille is not crying

Gerson had made no secret of his desire to quickly leave Olympique de Marseille where he had become a luxury replacement. The Brazilian player therefore took a flight to join Brazil.

We’re going to look elsewhere. It’s inevitable. We will organize ourselves to leave from the next transfer window. If Gerson is no longer important for OM, then we will find a club that will be able to value him. We had no explanation from the coach (…) Physically, Gerson is in great shape, but he is sad and angry. And me too ! On October 24, the father and agent of the Brazilian attacking midfielder from Marseille banged his fist on the table, demanding an exit voucher. And obviously, the message was received 5 out of 5 by Pablo Longoria, aware that Gerson could quickly become a real black spot in his management, the president of theOlympic Marseille having still spent almost 20 million euros to bring him from Flamengo. In recent days, there has been talk of an imminent return of the 25-year-old player to Brazil, but events have suddenly accelerated.

Gerson is in Brazil, OM is over

Indeed, there is no need to look for traces of Gerson in the group unveiled this Sunday by OM for this Sunday evening’s match in Monaco. The Brazilian will not be in the stands of the Louis II stadium to support his team either, since on Saturday he took the plane and joined Brazil where several media were waiting for him. And if the latter did not manage to question the midfielder still under contract with Olympique de Marseille, they had the opportunity to speak with his representative, who confirmed that Gerson was returning to play with Flamengo, even if for some the negotiations in order to settle some financial details are still in progress. As for OM, Igor Tudor is not really upset by the departure of a player with whom the Croatian coach had been in conflict since the summer preparation.

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