Foot OL – OL: Badly attacked for Benzema, they respond! – Olympique Lyonnais

Acclaimed for his return to Lyon and the presentation of his Golden Ball to Lyon supporters, Benzema was not unanimous. Some criticize the Rhone public for blushing in front of KB9 when the latter will never return to play with Les Gones.

A few days ago, on RMC Sport, columnist Jonathan MacHardy drew the wrath of Lyon supporters. The reason ? The journalist believes that theOL shouldn’t attach so much importance to a player who wore the Lyon jersey more than 10 years ago and who today announced that he did not want to return, even to end his career there. Like Marseille fans who idolize Didier Drogba when he never returned to Marseille, Jonathan MacHardy believes that Lyon supporters do not respect each other. Words that have not passed for OL fans who have carried Benzema in their hearts since his arrival at the club in 2005.

Lyon supporters defend themselves on the Benzema case

On social networks, several Lyon supporters responded to the journalist by recalling Benzema’s exploits at OL. “Born in Bron, arrived at OL at 8, trained at OL, started at 19 in the great OL of the 2000s, 4 times winner of Ligue 1 with a title of best player and scorer, 1 Cup of France and 2 Champions Trophy Β» explains an OL fan who recalls that Karim Benzema is a pure product of the Lyon team and that he is the pride of an entire region. Benzema’s achievement is celebrated where he started and all Lyonnais seem to be happy that Real Madrid’s second top scorer is a former Gones. If Drogba exploded at OM, he was not born in Marseille, unlike Benzema who is a real Lyonnais. And for Rhodaniens, that changes everything.

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