FIFA presents the committed armbands that captains can wear / World Cup 2022 / FIFA /

“Get involved, but especially for these causes. »

Whereas Gianni Infantino was present at a press conference this Saturday, FIFA revealed that during each day, a good cause will be put forward and that the captains of the different selections will be able to wear an armband in support. In collaboration with various United Nations organizations, the body will invite participants to promote the protection of the planet, or the fight against discrimination.

“FIFA accounts on social media, media, industry players and other activities will help spread the message” , said FIFA. On the other hand, the #OneLove campaign, in support of the LGBT + cause, is not among the associations pushed by the authority. The federation has nevertheless announced that “participating teams will be able to broadcast their own messages via the captains’ armbands” . Which means that Manuel Neuer will be able to wear his rainbow armband, as he intended to do.

Details of the organizations featured:

Group stage, Matchday 1: #FootballUnitesTheWorld

Group stage, Matchday 2: #SaveThePlanet

Group stage, Matchday 3: #ProtectChildren #ShareTheMeal

Round of 16: #EducationForAll #FootballForSchools

Quarter-finals: #NoDiscrimination

Semi-finals: #BeActive #BringTheMoves

Match for third place and final: #FootballUnitesTheWorld

And Lloris too, then?


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