Faced with Iran, the United States strengthens defense systems in the Middle East

The United States and several Gulf countries regularly denounce Iran’s actions in this maritime area.

The United States is strengthening defense systems in the Middle East amid tensions with Iran, a US official said on Sunday (November 20th), saying that such cooperation had likely prevented an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia.

Brett McGurk, the National Security Council’s Middle East coordinator, underscored his country’s commitment to countering “imminent threatsin the energy-rich region, during an annual security conference in Manama, Bahrain. “The United States is building an integrated air and sea defense architecture in this regionsaid Brett McGurk. What has long been talked about is now happening, thanks to innovative partnerships and new technologies.»

Hundreds of American drones in the Gulf Sea

As part of the conference on Saturday, the head of the US Central Command for the Middle East (Centcom), General Michael Kurilla, announced the deployment of more than 100 drones in Gulf waters by next year. , by a US-led task force. These announcements come after the attack, last week in the Arabian Seaof a tanker owned by an Israeli billionaire, attributed to Iran by Israel and the United States.

The United States and several Gulf countries regularly denounce Tehran’s actions in this particularly strategic maritime area, an almost exclusive shipping route to link the Gulf oil countries to world markets. American forces haveexposed and deterred from imminent threatsfrom Iran, Brett McGurk claimed, after reports that the Islamic Republic was planning an attack on its regional rival, the Saudi kingdom. “This attack probably did not take place due to the close security cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United States, which is permanent and ongoing.»

In recent months, the Jewish state has been trying to convince Westerners to close the door on negotiations with Tehran, aimed at reviving the historic 2015 agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. The talks, which are taking place in Vienna, have stalled.

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