Enola (Star Academy) confides in her relationship with her darling nicknamed “Boubou” and on their meeting

The new season of star Academy has been a hit on TF1 since his return on October 15. Every evening, the dailies that summarize the days of budding artists are viewed by millions of viewers, just like bonuses. Last Saturday, the students had the chance to perform hits with Matt Pokora, Kendji GiracDadju, Patrick Fiori or Zazie. All together, they also paid tribute to Grégory Lemarchal, died in 2007 of cystic fibrosis. However, at the end of the long evening, two candidates were forced to leave the program. Anisha had the support of viewersand Tiana was saved by her comrades. Stanislas and Julian therefore saw their adventure stop at the gates of the semi-final.

Who will win their place for the Star Ac’ final?

Back at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, Enola, Tiana, Lea, Louis, Chris and Anisha started to think about the next evaluations and appointments. And for good reason, this week, one of them will get their ticket directly to the final which will take place on Saturday 26 November. The five other students will be nominated, and on Saturday, the public will save three of them, while two students will leave the adventure for good. This Wednesday, November 16, while the names of the nominees will be known at the end of the day, Léa has once again decided to skip sports class, despite Enola’s somewhat brutal awakening attempt. The latter confided moreover as rarely on her relationship with the one she nicknamed “Boubou”. Last night, before lights out, Chris has indeed collected his confidences.

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Enola opens up about her relationship with her boyfriend

Enola first returned to the beginning of her relationship with her boyfriend, after their first meeting. “I don’t have the same fears as before, I feel that I’ve grown up and I say to myself ‘You don’t put so many barriers, if you want certain things with him, go for it. It was more of a challenge I don’t know if I was capable of it, of letting go, and I remember very well… Well, that’s a bit intimate…”, she interrupts herself, before continuing: “There’s one evening, we see each other and he’s going to do something, which I find incredible. He had the opportunity to conclude, and in fact he said to me ‘No in fact I don’t want to, I just want to take you in my arms’. Finally, we spend the night together, we sleep, in an almost friendly way actually.” Louis’ best friend then looks back on her first time with “Boubou”, and it took a little while. “There’s been nothing crazy for at least a month, it took a long time, not because we didn’t want to… I would have to ask him why he took this long (…) A month isn’t a lot when it’s your first love, when it’s It’s the beginning, when you have physical and emotional blockages but we, there were no blockages, we were very happy in our life. There was nothing, there was no modestyshe admitted.

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