E.Leclerc is destocking 3 popular Moulinex products for the end of Black Friday

Black Friday is a time when brands offer us big discounts, good deals and other discounts on the prices of many items. Coming straight from the United States, this day is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. Having arrived in France for several years, Black Friday is now an unmissable event and lasts until Sunday evening for most brands.
In E.Leclerc stores, the low price policy is not only during Black Friday, and yet, for the end of this commercial holiday, the brand offers us a new destocking on 3 Moulinex brand products!

3 Moulinex items destocked for the end of Black Friday at E.Leclerc

The Moulinex XXL anti-odor fryer with a capacity of 3.3 liters and black color is priced at 113.95 euros instead of 199.58 euros for the end of Black Friday at E.Leclerc. This fryer will allow you to prepare 2 kg of fries, i.e. 8 portions, it is the appliance with the largest capacity on the market.

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A Moulinex heating blender with a 1.75 liter bowl will allow you to prepare hot or cold recipes, mixed to perfection thanks to its 6 stainless steel blades. For the end of Black Friday, E.Leclerc offers it at a price of 123.08 euros instead of 359.99 euros.

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The black Moulinex Clickchef cooking robot with its steamer function is priced at 199 euros instead of 429.99 euros at E.Leclerc for the end of Black Friday. With its 5 automatic programs, it will delight the whole family.

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