Does Macron’s “support” in Qatar shock you?

published on Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 08:10

The Head of State has split noticeable tweets on the gas state, against a backdrop of international issues and recurring criticism of human rights.

While the Blues had Denmark on the green rectangle of the 974 stadium in Doha, Qatar, Emmanuel Macron called on the Gulf country to “continue” the changes that he believes the World Cup organized by the gas emirate bears witness to.

“This Football World Cup, the first to be held in the Arab world, is a testimony to the concrete changes that are at work. Qatar has embarked on this path and must continue. He can count on our support.” notably estimated the President of the Republic in a tweet, at half-time of the match between the France team and the Danish eleven (2-1).

Harshly criticized for the deaths, accidents and unpaid wages of these foreign workers, Qatar has passed major reforms to improve worker safety and punish recalcitrant employers.

The authorities have also paid hundreds of millions of euros to compensate for unpaid salaries, but for human rights associations, these reforms are late and insufficient. On November 17, on the eve of the start of the competition, Emmanuel Macron felt that it was not necessary to “politicize sport”.

The President of the French Football Federation, Noël le Graët, said he was “very satisfied” of the exit of the Head of State. “Relations between the two countries are quite satisfactory”he commented on the air franceinfoSunday, November 27.

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