discover the official photos of the 30 candidates

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – Gathered since November 18 in Paris, the contenders for the succession of Diane Leyre carried out their first official photo shoot on Saturday in the Paris region. Before flying to Guadeloupe.

While the 2022 promotion of the contest miss France took off Monday morning from Orly airport heading to Guadeloupe for a week of preparation, the first official photos have been unveiled. Like every year, the candidates were able to pass individually in front of the lens to immortalize their involvement in the beauty contest for the first time. And to respect total equality, all wear the same outfit and were photographed under identical conditions.

On December 17, live on TF1, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Sylvie Tellier will host the ceremony for the election of Miss France 2023 at MACH 36 in Déols, near Châteauroux. For now, the composition of the jury of personalities who will decide, 50-50 with the viewers, the fate of the fifteen semi-finalists and then the five finalists is not yet known. This year, the theme of the evening will be “The cinema of the Misses” with tables on the theme of great films like Titanic, Harry Potterthe Avengers or even Rocketman.

The 30 candidates in competition are between 18 and 26 years old (thanks to the new rules which no longer impose an upper age limit), measure between 1.71 and 1.86 meters and have the right to wear a tattoo. According to Alexia Laroche-Joubert, new president of the beauty pageantonly Cameron Vallière, Miss Languedoc, has a small tattoo on the inside of her left wrist (a date relating to a significant moment in her life).

Miss Alsace: Camille Sedira

Elected on September 10 in Colmar
21 years old – 1.75m
Business school student

Miss Aquitaine: Orianne Galvez-Soto

Elected on October 2 in Bordeaux
23 years old – 1.75m
Professional makeup artist

Miss Auvergne: Alissia Ladeveze

Elected on September 17 in Vals-près-le-Puy
21 years old – 1.84m
Master’s student in advertising

Miss Burgundy: Lara Lebretton

Elected on October 9 in Autun
23 years old – 1.76m

Miss Brittany: Enora Moal

Elected on September 23 in Ploemeur
21 years old – 1.71m
Student in BTS medical imaging and therapeutic radiology

Miss Center – Loire Valley: Coraline Lerasle

Elected on October 23 in Dreux
23 years old – 1.77m
Geography student

Miss Champagne-Ardenne: Solene Scholer

Elected on October 14 in Sedan
21 years old – 1.80m
Medical student

Miss Corsica: Orianne Meloni

Elected on July 23 in Porticcio
22 years old – 1.83m
Nursing school student

Miss Côte d’Azur: Flavy Barla

Elected on August 2 in Fréjus
19 years old – 1.72m
Third year medical student

Miss Franche-Comte: Marion Navarro

Elected on September 11 in Pontarlier
19 years old – 1.73m
Bachelor Fashion Business student

Miss Guadeloupe: Indira Ampiot

Elected on July 27 in Le Gosier
18 years old – 1.77m
Student in communication

Miss Guyana: Shaina Robin

Elected on July 16 in Matoury
21 years old – 1.74m
Student in a preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles of Science

Miss Ile-de-France: Adele Bonnamour

Elected on October 22 in Dammarie-les-Lys
18 years old – 1.86m
Second year business school student

Miss Languedoc: Cameron Valliere

Elected on August 5 in Beaucaire
23 years old – 1.74m
Master’s student in Marketing and Communication

Miss Limousin: Salome Maud

Elected on October 1 in Brive-la-Gaillarde
23 years old – 1.74m
Master’s degree in Purchasing Management

Miss Lorraine: Sarah Aoutar

Elected on October 8 in Toul
26 years old – 1.73m
Compliance officer

Miss Martinique: Axelle Rene

Elected on September 24 in Fort-de-France
21 years old – 1.77m
Master student in geoscience planetology

Miss Midi-Pyrenees: Florence Demortier

Elected on September 3 in Toulouse
23 years old – 1.71m

Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Agathe Cauet

Elected on October 15 in Liévin
23 years old – 1.79m

Miss Normandy: Perrine Prunier

Elected on October 21 in Le Havre
22 years old – 1.71m
Master’s student in law

Miss New Caledonia: Océane Le Goff

Elected on September 17 in Mont-Dore
26 years old – 1.73m
banking advisor

Miss Pays de la Loire: Emma Guibert

Elected on September 24 in Château-Gontier
20 years – 1.76m
Student in BTS Tourism

Miss Picardy: Berenice Legendre

Elected on October 16 in Beauvais
26 years old – 1.71m
Communications Officer

Miss Poitou-Charentes: Marine Paulais

Elected on September 30 at Futuroscope in Poitiers
20 years – 1.73m
Student in BTS aesthetics

Miss Provence: Chana Goyons

Elected on July 29 in Istres
18 years old – 1.80m
Business and finance student

Miss Reunion: Marion Marimoutou

Elected on August 27 in Saint-Denis
18 years old – 1.72m
Student in Bachelor of Social Sciences

Miss Rhône-Alpes: Esther Coutin

Elected on September 18 in Aix-les-Bains
24 years old – 1.71m
Accounting PhD student

Miss Roussillon: Chiara Fontaine

Elected on August 7 at Barcarès
20 years – 1.74m
Second year undergraduate psychology student

Miss Saint-Martin Saint-Barthélemy: Inès Tessier

Elected on July 29 in Saint-Martin
20 years old – 1.71m
Cinematography student

Miss Tahiti: Herenui Tuheiava

Elected on June 24 in Papeete
24 years old – 1.77m
Master’s student in web marketing and communication officer


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