discover the new rule that will turn the show upside down!

Since this Monday, November 21, filming for season 12 of The Voice, to be discovered in 2023 on TF1. The arrival of the Toulouse duo Bigflo and Oli is not the only novelty of this next edition. A new rule will make its entry from the blind auditions, and it may cause some twists.

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Filming for season 12 of The Voice, always presented by Nikos Aliagas, have already resumed since Monday, November 21. Amel Bent resumes his coaching chair for the 4th consecutive time in the adult version while Vianney is in his third season. Zazie, whom we had not seen in this role since season 7 (not counting the season All Stars) is back for a fifth regular season. The show can also count on a new shock duo to take the place of 4th coach with the presence of the Bigflo brothers and Oli. Zazie will try to win her third victory on the show, after the coronations of Lilian Renaud and Maelle Pistoiawhile the others are all aiming for a first victory.

The Voice 2023 : a new rule will call into question the choice of coaches!

Every year, the production of The Voice seeks to surprise viewers but also coaches by incorporating new rules into the mechanics of the game. The 2023 edition will be no exception to the rule with a new buzzer that could be a game-changer: the super block. Since season 8, it was possible for coaches to use “the block” which allowed them to block a coach before he turned around. It then became impossible for the talent to choose the blocked coach. This season the mechanics are pushed even further.

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Exit the “block”, make way for the “super block”

Now with the super block, it will be possible to block a coach at any time, as long as the talent has not validated its final choice. The blocked coach will thus see his chair turn around again, and will therefore be the only one not to face the talent. So no more risk of wasting his block for a coach who ultimately does not turn around. This new rule will thus reshuffle the cards several times and mess up the coaches, as we have seen in the first shoots. You will have to be careful not to show your motivation for a talent too much during the pitch, at the risk of being blocked by another coach.

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