Disappointed with the separation of Jean and Laurence (Love is in the meadow), the former candidates react

End clap! The seventeenth season of Love is in the meadow ended on Monday evening. After the broadcast of the first part of the balance sheet last week, M6 closed the show with the second and final part, allowing viewers to learn why Agnès did not continue her adventure with Ericthat Noémie learned from herself thanks to the show or Alain’s main criterion in his future search for a partner. And if three of the other farmers ended the adventure accompanied – alexander, tom and Nadege even have plans to move in as a couple – the biggest surprise came from Jeans. Separated from Laurence for three weeks at the time of the balance sheetthe breeder of suckler cows located in Beaujolais, confided having hesitated a long time before going to Paris for this last shoot. And if the announcement of his breakup with Laurence surprised Karine Le Marchand and disappointed internet usersthe reactions of the former candidates of the program were just as strong.

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General surprise

In love seen from the meadowaired following the broadcast, the former candidates watch – and comment on – the actions of the current candidates and suitors, well settled, as a couple or with friends, on their sofa. So whilethey had been particularly shocked by the kiss exchanged between Jean and Laurence after the slow dance during the guinguette ball, Pierre and Fred from season 7, Jean-Marc and Françoise from season 12Francis and Didier from season 14 and Valentin and Charley from season 16 reacted to the breakup of Jean and Laurence. Ohhhh! He is alone !exclaimed Fred immediately when he saw Jean arrive without Laurence on his arm. Oh sh*t! She is not there !commented Didier – on whose behalf Marie-Ange asked her fans for help – installed near his friend Francis the winegrower.

“It’s hard”

It is not possibleresumed, in Spanish, Pierre – who celebrated, with Fred, his ten years of love this year. And when Jean told the details of her breakup to Karine Le MarchandValentin and Charley also expressed their disappointment. Oh the poor thingthe young woman softened while her man did less in the lace: “M***“. In addition to their crestfallen expression, Jean-Marc and Françoise spoke of their incomprehension: mostly they looked goodlaunched the Burgundian. How unhappy he looks (…) Oh la la it’s hardconcluded Fred, whom his dear and tender nicknamed “the mourner“. Let the farmers be reassured – and the television viewers too -, since the filming of the balance sheet, it seems that Jean is no longer single…

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