Dave upset, the singer cash on the AIDS virus … rare confidences

This Tuesday, November 29, 2022, Dave gave an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Parisian. On the occasion of World AIDS Day, which will take place this Thursday, December 1, the singer has agreed to perform his hit “Du Côté de chez Swann”. A title that he wanted to rewrite in a more committed way. ” If you’re going to take another trip to Swann’s / to find love there / don’t take the crazy risk / of losing yourself / of not protecting yourself “, should he sing. Words that seem close to his heart. ” When they contacted me, I said right away said yes ! “, he confided.

“Aware of the mortal danger of AIDS”

If Dave is particularly affected by this virus, it is because the artist has seen several of his relatives being swept away by the disease. ” In the 1980s, I went clubbing a lot with friends. With Patrick, we went to California a lot to cut the winter in half. We were therefore very quickly made aware of the mortal danger of AIDS. Death entered our life at that time. I was 40 when it started falling around me. I was like, ‘Hoop! Maybe we should stop messing around and live a life of freedom like that.’ My manager at the time died of AIDS a few months before triple therapy arrived in France. 80% of my closest friends died of AIDS. I think about it all the time “, he said before adding: “ Sometimes, when I go to my country house in the South, in the Vaucluse, I say to myself: ‘Oh! So-and-so would have liked to be here so much.’ As the song by France Gall says: ‘We always laugh, but not like before’ “. Shocking confessions.


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