cries and tears, Christine Bravo devastated by the state of her hospitalized mother

Christine Bravo managed to get her mom out of the medical facility she had been residing in for weeks. The facilitator had found her in an extremely alarming state…

Christine Bravo has just had a funny weekend. On Saturday November 19, 2022, she, who goes through hard times, shared alarming images on social networks. In these photographs, censored by the social network, some were able to discover the swollen, injured body, covered with gaping wounds of Cécile, the mother of a childhood friend of the host, aged 96. treatment at the Clinéa clinic located in Près-Saint-Gervais, in Seine-Saint-Denis. She had entered the establishment last August for a fracture of the neck of the femur.

Cécile, knight of the Legion of Honor, medalist of arts, sciences and letters, was president of the Red Cross for twenty years. Although she had fought all her life for the poorest, she was the victim of the lack of medical personnel and the ignorance of the higher authorities. Alerted by Christine Bravo and her entourage, the director of the establishment traveled on Sunday November 20 to meet Cécile, apologized on behalf of the Orpea group and ensured that his wounds were healed. “We MUST remain in solidarity with our elders, by denouncing the mistreatment they suffer“, explains the wife of Stéphane Bachot.

She was screaming in pain, calling for help

This situation inevitably reminds Christine Bravo of the situation of her own mother. The latter recently left the Oxford clinic in Cannes after a (…)

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