Controversy: Asked about the future of “living together” in France, singer Daniel Guichard replies: “I signed up for a shooting club! It is better to prepare to defend yourself” – Watch

The singer Daniel Guichard was the guest by Éric Morillot on the Youtube channel of “The Incorrect“. During the program, the journalist asked him if he thinks that “living together still has a future in France”.

L’singer-songwriter then responded tit for tat. “I don’t know. I signed up for a shooting club,” he said, causing amazement.Eric Morillot. “What does that mean? Are you preparing to defend yourself?” he asked her. Response from Daniel Guichard: “Yes, it is better”.

“The father of the child who was sexually assaulted [à Roanne], we said ‘yes, you understand, he had a small pedigree. He has things to reproach himself for. Yes and then, it does not matter. There’s a guy who comes… Maybe I would have massacred the aggressor more. Am I violent? No”, he continued in this sequence that invites you to discover (see video above). The father who beat up a 16-year-old teenager, suspected of having sexually assaulted his daughter, will be tried on January 24 next with three of his friends.

And to add: “There is a moment when we say to ourselves: we take you by the shoulders, we take you to the police. The police will tell you ‘are you really sure you want to file a complaint? we don’t want to but it’s useless. In an hour, he’s out and he’s going to spit on us”.

The singer has never been politically correct. In June 2021, Daniel Guichard told Pascal Praud on CNews that he did not intend to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. “When I go on tour, I get a flu shot. But for now, I don’t see why I would obey unilateral decisions saying: ‘You have to be vaccinated’ (…) I don’t take it lightly, but the sense of freedom is something that is rooted in me,” he said.

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