Consumption: This Barcelona restaurant has found a way to triple the tips of its employees

With credit card payments becoming more widespread, tips are plummeting… Except in these restaurants in Catalonia.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, cash payments have become increasingly rare, especially in restaurants. Paying the bill by credit card has therefore become the norm. And the trend is accelerating even further with mobile phone payments. In Spain, only less than 25% still pay in cash.

And as a consequence, in restaurants, tips are less and less numerous. And to remedy this, a chain of restaurants present throughout Spain has tested a formula in Catalonia and particularly in Barcelona.

When presenting the bill, this restaurant announces three prices: the normal one, without tip, another plus 5% and another 10%. The customer thus has the information of the price with or without tip. When paying, he chooses the amount he wants to pay and the restaurateur pays the possible supplement to his employees.

According to the newspaper El Nacional.catin just three months since its establishment last August, the number of tips has tripled in this establishment.

As a reminder, it is customary to tip 5% above an overall score of 20 euros and 10% below 20 euros.

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