complicated weather situation to manage for the Rum category

At the end of the day, the violent right front associated with ex-cyclone Nicole is giving the skippers of the Rum multi and Rum mono categories a hard time. Currently positioned off Spain, the fleet should be swept away by the front. A tense situation for sailors. On the Imoca side, Charlie Dalin is looking for the “mouse hole” that will allow him to slide under the Azores high and catch the trade winds. In perfect osmosis with his Apivia, he explains his strategy: Everything is running smoothly on board, the boat is in perfect condition, I’ve never had to slow down to deal with a technical problem. It’s nice to sail on a boat that I know so well, I’m completely calm, I can concentrate on my strategy, he explained this morning during the session. The objective for the next 24 hours is to succeed in finding a mouse hole in order to finally slide under the high pressure and pick up the trade winds. We will have to manage the trajectory and the rotations of the wind well to negotiate this passage as well as possible, without slowing down too much. We’ll get there eventually but it’s not easy to hit these downwind conditions. ยป

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