Clash between two wives of players of the French team

While everything is going well on the pitch for the French team, with 2 wins in 2 games in the group stage of the World Cup, a wife of a Blues player attacked another on social networks.

Marrion Areola Alphonse Areola

Marrion Areola, the partner of West Ham goalkeeper Alphonse, was questioned, on instagram, on her relationship with Marine Lloris, the companion of Hugo Lloris, teammate and competitor of her husband. The wife of the former PSG doorman was very critical of the partner of the captain of the French team: “Do I get on well with Marine Lloris? At all ! For the simple and good reason that he is the kind of person who will come to talk to you only out of interest. Simple example: when I arrived for the first time, she never calculated me (nor the other times for that matter), not even a single hello when she was the oldest. And a year ago when she found out that I was friends with influential people in London, I got a message from her, I never replied back, because I can’t stand people like that.”

Ascent, Marrion Areola continued his diatribe: “Another reason, she behaved disrespectfully when Al’s mother (Alphonse Areola, editor’s note) asked to take a picture of her husband and Alphonse (she was jaded). This environment is very hypocritical, the more I am away from all that the better I am.

Marrion Areola apologizes

A little later, and still on instagramMarrion Areola made his mea culpa after his long accusing message: “Regarding the story with Marine Lloris. We had a long conversation and now everything is back to normal. A lot of misunderstanding between her and me… Indeed, in hindsight, the timing was not appropriate, I am wrong and I apologize.

A clash which disappeared as quickly as it arrived and which will allow the two goalkeepers, the day after the victory against Denmarkto concentrate fully on the rest of the competition.

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