Chinese TV censors images of spectators at the Mondial / Mondial 2022 /

Yes, everyone wears masks in Qatar. At the end of 2022, China continues to pursue a zero-Covid policy within its borders. While wearing a mask remains in force in the Middle Kingdom, where tens of millions of people are still confined in various forms, Chinese television has decided to no longer broadcast images of supporters without a mask at the World Cup. A decision which follows an open letter – since censored – which has been circulating for several days on WeChat messaging, accusing China of being on another planet in terms of Covid. To avoid sharpening the resentment of the population in the face of these measures, China has therefore decided to censor the images from the stands of the World Cup. Quite simply. Instead, Chinese spectators can see very wide shots of the crowd, or of players. On the other hand, the matches of China do not need to be censored, since it is not in Qatar.


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