Casemiro gives news of Neymar

Present at a press conference this Saturday, Casemiro spoke about the case of his teammate with the Brazilian selection, Neymar. Despite the possible absence of the Auriverde’s number 1 offensive asset, the Seleção midfielder insisted on recalling that Tite had many options to replace the Parisian striker in this 2022 World Cup. “He’s an exceptional player, one of the best in the world, unfortunately he won’t be here for the next game. However, even as you said, we have quality players. If you compare him to Neymar, of course, it will be difficult to find a player of his level. But we have enough quality players to replace him. Then, of course, it depends on Titus” first entrusted the Brazilian before continuing his momentum.

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“Both (Danilo and Neymar) are working well. They didn’t even come to the training center, they stayed at the hotel, they train morning, afternoon and evening. They are making the biggest effort in the world. We have to appreciate that. But this is a clinical situation, we have to see how the recovery will take place day by day. They are working to get back as soon as possible. But as I said, you have to be careful, it’s an injury, even so as not to harm the health of the athlete. I am sure that our technical staff, as well as the staff, will do their best to recover them as quickly as possible and 100%. We know they are very important to us when they are at 100%.

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