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Olive oil is sold for 11.50 shekels compared to 30 or 40 shekels by other brands

The imminent arrival in Israel of the French retail giant Carrefour, as well as its wide range of private label products, is generating great interest among Israeli consumers. Carrefour is the largest international chain to ever enter the country’s supermarkets.

Electra Consumer Products, which brings Carrefour into this closed market, is pinning its hopes on the thousands of private label products from Carrefour. Since June, the supermarket chains Electra Consumer Products Mega and Yeinot Bitan have been selling 50 of these products, which have been gradually introduced to the shelves, and the company is publishing data on these sales for the first time.

Carrefour Official
Carrefour OfficialCarrefour products

“The influence of the brand has been significant,” says Uri Kilstein, CEO of Carrefour Israel. “Last week, for example, it was the biggest player in the coffee capsules category and overtook Elite sales, with a 47% share of the total sales amount. Another example that Kilstein gives is that olive oil which is sold at NIS 11.50 after winning a tender from the Ministry of Economy and Industry.” Its price is significantly lower than other olive oil brands. olive, which are sold between 30 and 40 shekels. In our stores, it has reached an 81% market share.”


According to data from Electra Consumer Prodct, Carrefour’s share of chocolate bar sales accounted for 56% of the category as a whole, and that of cornflakes 25%. However, Israeli prices remain higher than French prices, notably for product labeling reasons. Such requirements can increase prices by 10-15%, even before kashrut issues.

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