Carla Moreau clashed by Thibault Garcia and Maeva Ghennam


– Posted on 22 Nov 2022 at 08:36

At the heart of several controversies in recent years, Carla Moreau has lost friends. These messages from Thibault Garcia and Maeva Ghennam are proof of this.

If some reality TV candidates have chosen to be discreet and not to make a fuss, this is certainly not the case for Carla Moreau. Discovered in Les Marseillais: South Africa, the young woman, now 25, has chained the programs. Fans were able to see her in the various shows of the Marseilles. The latter has also been for a long time part of this large family opposed to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, Carla found herself at the heart of several controversies lately.

Impossible not to mention the witchcraft affair for which Ruby’s mother had called on Danae in order to go far in her career while destabilizing other candidates. This story will have made him lose many friends like Maeva Ghennam. But that’s not all. Even more recently, Carla has been victim of deception on the part of her husband, Kevin Guedj. The latter would indeed have had a sexual relationship with Belle on the set of the Battle of the Clans. This scandal ended the couple’s marriage.

Maeva and Thibault let loose on Carla Moreau

Finally, a few weeks after this betrayal, Maeva Ghennam and Thibault Garcia reacted. Visibly resentful of Carla Moreau following the witchcraft affair, the two candidates from Marseille did not hesitate to throw a spade at their former friend who had just been deceived: “Karma. Those who betrayed will be betrayed. To those who lied to you, we will lie. Those who deceived you will be deceived. Those who have offended you will be offended. Those who made you suffer will suffer more. Because those are the rules of the game”shared Thibault while Maeva said for her part: “I wanted to take revenge on certain people, then when I observed their life, I understood that God had already taken care of them!!! » Will Carla react? Case to follow.

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