Carla Bruni talks about her sex life with Nicolas Sarkozy, like never before!

The life of Carla Bruni was turned upside down at the end of 2007. 15 years ago, the singer met the man of her life, Nicolas Sarkozy. Since then, the artist and the politician have never left each other. Recently interviewed by our colleagues from Elle magazine, the interpreter of the title “Someone told me” indulged in a few secrets about his life as a couple. ” I am much more reassured today, in this life with my husband. He is by far the most reassuring man I have found. “, she explained before continuing: “There is a great commitment between us. But I depend on this love. And that’s exactly what I was running from before I met him.

A love that lasts

Before meeting the former President of the Republic, Carla Bruni did not however wish ” get involved, except with the father of my son, then with him, the only man I married “. A love that endures. ” Finally, in twenty years, things haven’t changed so much, even physical love, I still find that delicious “, she let go without any taboo.

Although Carla Bruni has had other relationships, she says Nicolas Sarkozy is her one true love. A love that she likes to maintain. ” True love is like a shelter, if we lose it, we are destroyedt,” she added. ” I find that existence is all the more eventful when you have only one man, because you concentrate on him. It takes me three quarters of my time! “Before confiding in the columns of Elle magazine, Carla Bruni had already spoken to Paris Match about her meeting with her husband whom she considers to be the” best of (s) in life “. Tender statements.


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