can you find the error on the image in less than 3 seconds?

Today, at readers, we decided to challenge you with a puzzle worthy of Sherlock Holmes. You will test your sense of observation as well as your logic. Well, you’re going to work your gray cells while having fun, we promise. Warning: the answer will be revealed right after, so don’t think about being clever and scrolling further. You are ready ? And, to make this puzzle even harder, you have 3 seconds to solve it. Let’s go !

Observe carefully and find what is wrong with this picture

puzzle worthy of sherlock holmes image garden people green blue

The riddle: to be solved in less than 3 seconds

If you find the error in the picture in 3 seconds, you are as smart as famous detective Sherlock Homes. It is an urban scene of our daily life, but there is something wrong with this representation. The only clue we can give you: pay close attention to the details.

Train your brain regularly with logic puzzles

do puzzles to train your brain image on yellow background

Puzzle Answer

So, did you find the error? To be honest, it’s not very obvious. But we are sure that you succeeded hands down. We show you the answer in pictures. Stay with us to learn some trivia about Sherlock Holmes. And if you’ve ever stayed in his room in a small hotel in Étretat, then you’re a fan. In the meantime, here’s another fun puzzle: “spot which bear is different in the picture.”

The woman with the red top and the blue skirt has two left feet

the answer to the puzzle worthy of sherlock holmes jarfin green sky blue people

Did Sherlock Holmes really exist?

As everyone knows, Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in the world. Much to our regret, author Arthur Conan Doyle made a revelation in 1927, saying that this is just a fictional character. Nevertheless, the author admits that he was still inspired by his professor of medicine – Dr. Bell. The latter was impressive by these astonishing deductions. Conan Doyle’s first novel was not very successful. But little by little, the world is conquered by the character of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, many people believe that he is a real human being. There is even a science that was created in his honor: holmesology. The latter is a study that tries to establish the truth and a timeline about this internationally renowned hero.

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous character in the world that still fascinates today

did sherlock holmes really exist head silhouette on white background




There are plenty of films inspired by the famous detective

the heroes of the film of sherlock holmes and dr watson

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