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“We are heading towards a tsunami”. This comment by Michel-Édouard Leclerc on inflation did not go unnoticed this week, he even panicked. Because the tsunami in question, that of prices, would break in France in 2023 according to the boss of the stores E.Leclerc. Inflation in France, although less strong than in our European neighbours, has already been felt for several weeks. In October, food prices had already increased by an average of 11.8% over one year. Currently estimated at 6.2%, inflation could, according to the entrepreneur, pass the 10% mark at the start of 2023.

“Let’s stop playing with the fears of the French” replied Bruno Le Maire. On the contrary, the Minister of the Economy believes that inflation will come down next year. A pass of arms which intervenes while the service stations are taken by storm. The rebates from the government and TotalEnergies end on the evening of November 15 and the wallets of motorists will therefore take a hit. And if the cold appears this winter, it is also the price for heating that is likely to rise sharply. In this context, the government has announced the establishment of an exceptional energy check of 100 or 200 euros for the French heating with fuel oil. A set of symptoms of an inflationary crisis which could lead to a social crisis In Greece, the protest is currently spreading, between massive demonstrations and a general strike.

In France, it was the employees of the RATP who made themselves heard this Thursday with a major strike. The revalorization of work is in question, the requirement of an indexation of wages on inflation especially. In France as in the United Kingdom, workers find that they can no longer live from their work.

Meanwhile, in Fessenheim in Alsace, the nuclear power plant has been shut down since 2020 and still divides the inhabitants of the region. Some believe that this would have been very useful in the current context…

So, are we really heading towards a price “tsunami” as announced by Michel-Édouard Leclerc? Should we index wages to inflation? Should the energy crisis make us reconsider our position on nuclear power?

Guests :

Gaelle Mackedeputy editorial director of Challenges

Elijah Coheneconomist, author of “Industrial Sovereignty”

Pascale Hebelassociate director at C-WAYS, specialist in consumer issues

Fanny Guinochetcolumnist for France Info and La Tribune, specialist in economic and social issues

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