Booba gets involved and charges!

Despite their separation, Ayem Nour and his former companion Vincent Miclet seemed to have a good relationship. But if all was well between the former lovers, the entrepreneur shared a very disturbing message on the Web this Tuesday, November 15, 2022. According to him, the famous columnist of TPMP People would have kidnapped his son. In any case, this is what he says in a post posted on his Instagram account. ” Monday morning after dropping my son off at American school, his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother FARIDA took him away from school without my consent and until the time I speak to you we have no news from Ayvin. A complaint has been lodged with the Moroccan authorities. My son is on Moroccan soil, but I don’t know where… Anyone who can see or locate him, please let me know. Thanks “, he wrote under a photo of the little boy. A post that elicited strong reactions.

“Ayem returns the child”

“I hope that you will find an agreement with the mother and that everything will be back to normal”, “Courage to you”, “Abuse of involving the child in his hatred”, could we read in the comments. On his side, Booba also wished to react to this news. But far from taking this seriously, the Duke of Boulogne preferred to laugh at the situation. ” He put his son in American school and ended up there in Kesh moi jpp of 2022. Ayem makes the child zobi!!!! She called Farida, it’s gone in direct kidnapping I’m going to die “, thus dropped the rapper while adding dozens of hilarious emojis. For the moment, no additional information concerning the abduction of the young boy has been transmitted. To be continued…


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