BMW promises to bring affordable electric cars to market

BMW does not plan to abandon affordable vehicles with electric. The manufacturer even wants to develop this range.

With the arrival of the electric car, manufacturers’ commercial strategies vary. Where Mercedes announces to reduce small vehicles, BMW promises on the contrary to save them.

One could obviously think the opposite in view of the latest releases from the Bavarian brand. In addition to the colossal iX plug-in hybrid SUV, the i7 electric sedan is a real luxury car. But with its Neue Klasse, which is its future platform, the firm will be able to be on all terrains.

“We are not leaving the lower segment of the market”said Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW. “Even if you consider yourself a premium builder, it’s a mistake to leave the lower market segment. This will be the core of our business in the future. »

Zipse had also confirmed that the Neue Klasse would initially be for sedans, but that platform will be modular. Thus, it can also serve as a base for smaller vehicles. Moreover, we also learned this summer that the German firm would use the large 4680 cells similar to those of Tesla.

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