Billy Crawford, big winner of Dancing with the Stars

It was certainly the best dancer of the twelve candidates: the Filipino singer Billy Crawford won the new edition of Dancing with the stars.

“Trackin”, “When You Think About Me”, “Me Passer De Toi”… We all sang or danced to a Billy Crawford hit one day. The star from the Philippines has never been forgotten by the French public and it was only natural that he won the new edition of Dance with the stars, on TF1, on Friday evening.

tears of joy

With 53.5% of the public votes and on the arm of his dance partner, Fauve Hautot, he beat the young singer Carla who was dancing with Pierre Mauduy. His swaying dance step on “Scream” by Janet and Michael Jackson was unanimous. Very moved, the 40-year-old singer dedicated his victory to his wife, Coleen Garcia, a huge star in the Philippines, present on the set.

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After an overmediatization which was right for his well-being, the ex-boyfriend of the singer Lorie had to face a depression and an addiction to alcohol. It was his companion who then helped him through this dark period: “It was she who saved my life. I was lost like a little baby when I met her. She didn’t tell me to change but gave me lots of love and support. And for her, I no longer wanted to do stupid things”, he had declared, in “Le Figaro”.

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