Better than Cyril Hanouna? “Just for that, I respect him”, Guillaume Genton ignites for a columnist

Cyril Hanouna assures him, the team of Do not touch My TV forms a big family. However, behind this affectionate description hides a reality that we often tend to forget: that does not mean that everyone gets along perfectly. Where our own family meals can sometimes be marked by great tension because of the racist uncle, the Catholic aunt, the grandpa stuck in the past or the macho cousin, the atmosphere is regularly explosive on the set of the show of C8 when strong personalities clash around a subject.

Guillaume Genton not a fan of a columnist of TPMP

In other words, contrary to what Cyril Hanouna would surely like, the members of TPMP are not all friends in real life, but are sometimes just colleagues. And it is not Guillaume Genton who will contradict us. While Matthieu Delormeau never hesitates to clash with Gilles Verdez, the columnist, producer and radio host confessed that he was not close to everyone on the talk show.

Asked by Purepeople about the person with whom he got along the least, Guillaume Genton confessed, “It’s Danielle Moreau. There, for once, we really have nothing to do“Don’t worry, he has no intention of going into a fight with her. He made it clear, they’re just too opposite to be truly connected,”She is very…

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