Benzema’s rant

As he prepares to play his second World Cup, Karim Benzema does not understand the calls for a boycott from some.

A few days before the kick-off of the World Cup, the controversy is hardly deflating. This Qatari world championship continues to be singled out and calls for a boycott are increasing. For many people, hosting the World Cup in Qatar is indeed ecological nonsense and a humanitarian catastrophe.

Monday, Hugo Lloris was thus caught up in a controversy after announcing his decision not to wear the captain’s armband in LGBT colors. The players of the France team have more generally been criticized for their lack of commitment to human rights issues, whether about migrant workers or the situation of homosexuals in Qatar.

Gotta stop and let us focus

Asked about the subject, Karim Benzema said his annoyance. “The controversies, you know… We can’t change anything. The announcement of the choice of Qatar dates from 2010, come to argue a week before, we must stop and let ourselves concentrate, he cursed at the microphone of All Sports. We need to be well, and for that, we must leave the controversies aside. A football player needs to be solely focused on football.”

“I think we ask too much of footballers, he added. The controversies are there, we can’t ignore them, but the most important thing is to stay focused on football. If someone wants to express themselves, they can do so. »

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