Belgium lacks incinerators to destroy cocaine

The port of Antwerp has been overwhelmed by the arrival of tons of cocaine from South America for several months.

Belgium, faced with endemic cocaine trafficking at the port of Antwerp (North)is concerned about insufficient incineration capacity for this drug and therefore about the safety of the warehouses where the seizures are kept before being destroyed.

There is a problem with the capacity of the incinerators“A Belgian customs spokesman told AFP on Monday, confirming information published in the Flemish press. Nevertheless “a structural solution is on the way“, according to this spokesperson, Francis Adyns.

This solution is discussed in particular between the Ministry of Justice and the environmental authorities of the Flemish region. It could be advertised.from tuesday“, says a ministerial source.

Stocks of cocaine in storage

At the heart of the problem: the astronomical quantities of cocaine from Latin America which are intercepted in Antwerp, the first European destination for this drug. According to the Belgian authorities, more than 100 tonnes should be seized in 2022, a new record after 89.5 tonnes last year.

To incinerate cocaine”there are environmental standards to be respectedadds Mr. Adyns. And currently there are too few approved incinerators to absorb what is stored in customs warehouses, according to the press.

The Antwerp prosecutor Franky De Keyser alerted the Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne a few weeks ago to this problem and the consequences in terms of security around storage places.

According to the Flemish daily From Standaard, the Antwerp police have already noticed suspicious actions around a warehouse, one or more individuals using a drone for scouting. Joined by AFP, the Antwerp prosecutor’s office declined to comment. No details were given on the quantities currently awaiting destruction.

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