Ayem Nour reveals a photo of his bruised body, Vincent Miclet shouts lies… the war continues

On November 22, 2022, Ayem Nour’s Instagram subscribers were able to discover a new publication. A photo on which the skin of Ayvin’s mother is marked, suggesting that she was the victim of violence. His ex-companion Vincent Miclet was quick to react.

The story was actually just beginning on November 15, 2022. Vincent Miclet accused his former companion Ayem Nour of having kidnapped their son Ayvin (6 years old). Since then, the former lovebirds have settled their accounts on social networks. Everyone has posted a new publication on November 22.

Monday morning after dropping off my son at American school, his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother Farida took him from school without my consent and until the time when I speak to you, we have not no news from Ayvin. A complaint has been lodged with the Moroccan authorities. My son is on Moroccan soil but I don’t know where… Anyone who can see or locate him, please let me know. Thanks“, had posted Vincent Miclet. Then, he had shared the story of a blogger who explained that Ayem Nour had made the choice to recover his son behind the father’s back, because he would have stopped paying him “her small pension of 5K with which she pays her debts and the rent of her country house“.

Very quickly, Ayem Nour wanted to react. Let us first recall that the child was, by mutual agreement, educated in Morocco and that the parents had custody one week out of two. However, when she would have warned Vincent Miclet that she was going to look for him on his shift, the 57-year-old businessman would not have answered. The beautiful 33-year-old brunette would have gone there all the same, with her mother…

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