ASM Clermont: Jono Gibbes’ days seem numbered

“We will have to ask ourselves the right questions”. After another loss to Leicester on Friday night, Jono Gibbes once again wanted to be enigmatic in his remarks. Was he talking about his own future or was he trying to find the right levers to rally his troops?

Still, the technician knew he was under pressure for a few weeks in the face of the results crisis that the ASM is going through. For the Clermont leaders, this bad spiral has apparently lasted too long. According to our information, in the next few hours or days, the club has indeed decided to separate from its coach. A decision which is obviously not in the DNA of the ASM, but which becomes inevitable as the impression left on the ground seems irreversible. The departure of Xavier Sadourny after the rout against Toulouse did not cause the desired shock.

premium Xavier Sadourny (ASM) speaks after his resignation: “With the players, I felt that it was no longer like before”

How did this team that seemed so solid defensively at the start of the fall become so porous in the heart of winter? Obviously, the speech of the New Zealand coach would go less well. If his abilities as a technician are not called into question, Jono Gibbes would however find it increasingly difficult for his message to be well received by his players. Faced with a situation that continues and does not seem to be reversed, the Clermont board would therefore have made its decision.

Urios, the most credible track

Always according to our information, and as had moreover written Noon Olympic, Mario Ledesma was well approached by the leaders of the ASM. The former Clermont hooker, champion of France in 2010, was obviously interested in the project. But for family reasons, the Argentinian would not like to sign for a long-term mission with Clermont.

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premium When the defense of ASM Clermont concedes tests that are too “easy”

Therefore, the only credible lead to replace Jono Gibbes would lead to that of Christophe Urios. The latter would also have been probed by the leaders of the ASM. Since his eviction from UBB, the technician is free of any contract and could therefore immediately commit to ASM. If he were to reach an agreement with Clermont, he should initially work with the men in place at ASM. But at the end of this exercise, his former assistants Julien Laïrle and Frédéric Charrier should no longer officiate on the Bordeaux side. For the time being, all this is not relevant. The urgency for the ASM is to find colors and re-engage the march forward.

Arnaud Clergue


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