arrested for trying to kill his sister, he claims he wanted to rape her corpse

The 20-year-old suspect was indicted for attempted murder and will be the subject of a psychiatric examination.

She narrowly escaped a terrible end. In Israel, an 18-year-old woman was recently the victim of an attempted murder perpetrated by her brother, the purpose of which was apparently to have sex with his corpse.

According to information from Jerusalem Post, the facts occurred in the city of Kfar Saba, located northeast of Tel Aviv. “He entered my room in the middle of the night, suddenly pulled out a knife and started stabbing me in the skull, says the victim, quoted by the local media. If I had not run out of the room, he would have killed me.”

A serious penchant for necrophiliac films

The young woman fortunately managed to escape and alert the emergency services, which quickly intervened. In shock and suffering from minor skull injuries, the victim was hospitalized, but his life is not in danger. For his part, the alleged attacker, aged 20, admitted the facts in police custody and told the police that he intended, after killing his sister, to rape her body.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the young man revealed to investigators that he had a serious penchant for necrophiliac films, which prompted him to try to take action. “This is a difficult family matter, and the family is trying to get over it, commented the suspect’s court-appointed lawyers. The teenager has faced mental problems over the years, and he has no criminal record.”

Necrophilia is not a criminal offense in Israel

“Because of his condition, he has been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital since his arrest, added the representatives of the young man. He will remain in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation which will determine his status.” According to The Jerusalem Post, the suspect was still indicted for attempted murder.

The local media also reveals that necrophilia is paradoxically not considered a criminal offense in Israel. In 2018, a decision by the High Court of Justice of the Hebrew State established that offenses of a sexual nature are only applicable when the victim is a “living person”.

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