Arcom opens the way to a sanctions procedure

Seized after the insults exchanged between the host of TPMP and the deputy LFI, the audiovisual regulator believes that “the facts are likely to justify the initiation of a sanctions procedure“. He seizes the independent rapporteur.

After the insults uttered by Cyril Hanouna against the deputy of La France Insoumise Louis Boyard on the C8 channel last Thursday, Arcom decided to send the file to the independent rapporteur, member of the Council of State. It is therefore up to him to decide whether to prosecute and investigate the case.

After a plenary meeting on Wednesday, the director general of Arcom considered that the facts were likely to justify the initiation of a sanction procedure “given the formal notices already given in the past to C8“says a press release.

Last week, on the set of the program “Touche pas à mon poste”, Cyril Hanouna violently attacked the deputy of La France Insoumise Louis Boyard. Reason for the altercation? The elected official had accused the “five richest people» of France of «impoverish africaQuoting Vincent Bolloré, owner of the Canal+ group and its C8 channel, during a sequence devoted to the Ocean Viking migrant boat.

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“Adrift of public debate”

The tone quickly rose. “you are shit“, a “jester“, a “loser“, a “fool“, asserted Cyril Hanouna. The two men know each other well, however: MP since June, Louis Boyard is a former columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste”. Party last Thursday from the show under the boos of the public, the chosen one did not stop there. The president of the LFI deputies announced the next day that she was filing a complaint with Arcom. Louis Boyard, for his part, called for a parliamentary commission on “Vincent Bolloré’s interference in the media he owns“, pointing a”intimidation attempt“.

The political landerneau got involved. On Sunday, the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet (Renaissance) estimated the sequence “degrading for the public debate and the people on the set“. And called tocollectively speak out against this drift of public debate and debate in the media“, indicating having spoken with Roch-Olivier Maistre, the president of Arcom. Government spokesman Olivier Veran for his part deplored a “permanent buzz spiral“.

‘Not a good example’

Sunday evening on Twitter, Cyril Hanouna said he regretted his insults, “that’s not a good example“. But he did not change his position:for the rest, I do not regret anything and I will always defend my friends“, he explained in reference to Vincent Bolloré. Response from the shepherd to the shepherdess on Monday: during a press briefing at the National Assembly, Louis Boyard announces that he is filing a complaint for “public insult”. The same evening, another shot from C8. In a program of “Touche pas à mon poste”, devoted to the pass of arms of last week, Cyril Hanouna announces in turn: “on will sue Louis Boyard” for “defamation“. The tension is not going to drop anytime soon.

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