Anny Duperey opens up about her first love affair with Francis Perrin (VIDEO)

Anny Duperey will remain for all the unforgettable Catherine Beaumont in the series A wonderful family broadcast for years on TF1. The actress is the guest of Jordan De Luxe in his show At Jordan’s, for Tele-Leisure. She spoke in particular of her romantic relationships that marked her artistic career. And first, a short love story with Francis Perrin. Whoever plays the role of Mongevillenow broadcast with great success on C8 remembered this beautiful story: “She was a free woman. A happy, cheerful, attractive, intelligent, brilliant woman. All the qualities for a crazy young dog. I was fascinated. It is one of the most beautiful memories of my life. The men stopped eating, watching her pass by the restaurant because it was a marvel“, he had told for France 3.

“There was a trial that was not successful”

The actress”There was a trial that was not successful, with Francis Perrin, just before Bernard. (Giraudeau, Editor’s note) Francis and I recognized that we weren’t really cut out… He’s a good friend, great, I toured with him some time ago“, confides Anny Duperey who affirms that their idyll has stopped”quite logically“, she who then met Bernard Giraudeau, with whom she had 2 children, Sara and Gaël. The actress and author also spoke of their artistic education, like their parents. “On the sons of, of whom we say ‘it’s weird, they’re all in the business’, I think it’s because they saw the reality of the job (…) They saw us work, they are prepared”, Judge Anny Duperey.

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“I wonder if I was completely normal

The one who played the wife of Bernard Lecoq for TF1 also returned to her difficulty in being a mother, while pursuing her career on the boards. “My daughter was born, I left on tour two months later. I may have this complex there: to have been a mother who continued to live her life, to work. I wonder if I was completely normal“, she wonders. Before continuing: “There was all the love, all the attention, but I immediately treated my children as separate personalities, whom I watched with great attention (…) all the cards in hand, but it’s you who play, and you can even spoil the game“, she concludes.

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